Saturday, September 17, 2011

Positively Despairing

I make it a point to try and read some of what is written by the leaders and those who follow the new age/ positive thinking/ mystism, whatever you want to call it, movement.  I ofcourse read it and put whatever it claims up against the bible and it is wrong and blatant heresy every time, but I do this because I want to know what is out there.  Sometimes I read an article, a book, or an excerpt from a book and become so angry at what the devil has used to ensnare these people, and then sometimes I read an article like this one and I am still angry, but also heartbroken for what the followers of these lies are burdened with as they go through life on their own, being so blind to the sin and lies that have captured them.  Please take the time to read this woman's article but do so with discernment.  I think you will quickly see why it is so heartbreaking for me.

The answers the world has to offer do not work, do not ultimately comfort,  and are focused solely on "me".  They offer no other ground to stand on but ones own feelings or opinion.  It will always eventually end with frustration and despair, and ultimately eternal separation from the one who alone is worthy to be praised.  It will forever separate you from the one who can offer peace and comfort.  This woman's story broke my heart.  The positive thinking movement cannot deal with or face head on life's hardships; a brothers suicide, murder, rape, famine, war, death of a spouse, divorce, or any form of unexpected or undeserved heartache.  Positive thinking or new age basically says its your fault.  You are either bringing that onto yourself through your negative thoughts or your soul is seeking out a lesson.  The only thing you can do is stay positive, white-knuckle hold on for dear life, and vibrate your way back to 'happiness'.  What a burden to carry!

"As the owner of dozens of positive thinking books and an avid listener of Hay House Radio and Esther Hicks CDs, I had all the tools and supplies to work my way through the grief, but I discovered the only truly affective balm was the passage of time. One excruciating day at a time. But while that time passed, in between sudden bouts of hot, wrenching tears, I tried to feel better by grazing among the books and tapes I own. For me, it was better than the alternative: living completely surrounded by unquenchable pain. I was helping myself."

I just want to go and tell this woman that is not the only option!  Maybe she has heard the gospel and rejected it.  Maybe not.  Either way the burden of carrying ones own pain is too much and no human being can do it.

Matthew 11:28
"Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Giving into despair is not the only option.  Helping yourself will only be more frustrating.  Running to flawed human reasoning and counsel will only cause despair.  Though 'positive thinking' may make you 'feel' better for a time it will not give you rest.  It has to be exhausting picking oneself up by your own bootstraps all the time!  Jesus said "come".  I have prayed for this woman who I will most likely never meet.  I pray she finds rest in the only one who can give it.  Say a prayer for her as well if you will.

How thankful I am for my Savior!  I can come to him and find rest.  Oh how often I try to carry it all on my own though.  We KNOW who to given our burdens to and yet we don't.  We pridefully try to do it all our on own without humbly coming before Him and saying, "Here.  I give up.  I cannot do this alone.  I cannot carry this alone.  I am not strong enough.  Please, take it.  You alone are able to give me rest."

I have been listening to this song all day thankful I can come, and praying for all those who are rejecting his invitation to come.

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