Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scars and Psalm 32:1-5

I haven't really had much to write about the past few days.  I have truly been speechless and in awe of how God is working in my life and others.  How he has answered a prayer that I have been praying for years and of course in a way I didn't expect and couldn't have planned myself.
I have been thinking about how people get pulled away from God, about how I have gotten pulled away from God in times in my life.  The first problem is we are not "pulled away" or "falling away" from Him.  He never lets those who are truly His go.  He is always holding us.  We however kick and scream like little children in their mothers arms.
 I saw a mom walking down the side of the road with her 2 or 3 year old and the child was throwing an awful fit trying to get away from her.  The only thing that this would accomplish would be getting hit by a car, severely injured, or possibly death but all that child knew was she was not in control and wanted to be.  What a perfect picture of how God holds us I thought.  I am at times and have definitely been in the past that kicking and screaming child who knew I wasn't in control and wanted to be.  God never let me go but he did allow me to skin up a few knees and add some scars.  I needed to learn a few lessons and He knew I had to learn the hard way.
He never let go though.  When I got done kicking, screaming, and scraping up my knees as I tried to pull myself free; when I finally gave in and saw He was lovingly protecting me from my own stupidity and sinful nature, He stopped.  He bent down, wiped up my bloody knees, kissed my hand that was so sore from trying to hank free, and said, "ok, lets go."
He didn't take away my scars though.  He knew I would need the reminder of what life was like trying do it on my own.  What happens when I try to pull free.  I fall in bondage to my self.  I chain myself up to 'me'.  I needed the reminder and He knew it. 
BUT He also brings beauty from ashes.  Our scars can become beautiful.  HE alone makes them beautiful.  HE gives them purpose.  He can use our scars to show others how much greater it is to be in His house than out wandering around in traffic thinking we are in control.  He can use them to keep us humble, to remind us that He holds us even when we don't want Him to.
I don't know what causes people to appear to reject the Christ they once claimed to love.  Of course it is sin and selfishness but for those of us who are His we have the Holy Spirit.  He will not let us stay that way for long.  He will let us get banged up so that we will come broken to the only one who can clean you up, kiss your boo boos and say, "ok, lets go."

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